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Monday Muse- finding and keeping inspiration


Ferns by a stream in the Blue Mountains- Autumn Macarthur

I’m becoming more and more interested in the concept of the muse, that creative spark of inspiration that can visit anyone. The muse doesn’t discriminate, she or he doesn’t only pick “special” creative people. All that’s needed is to be open to that creative inspiration, to let the spark set of a train of associations and thoughts in one’s own mind.

That’s the sole difference between people who are creative and people who aren’t. Being receptive to new ideas. Taking the inspiration and building on it. Then making it real. Not just thinking the idea, but acting on it. Doing that painting or drawing. Starting (and finishing!) that story. Trying that new style of dress you thought of. Experimenting in the kitchen to see if that recipe idea tastes good.

It’s not about talent or uniqueness, that’s a myth. It’s about hearing that quiet voice that speaks to us from our inner self, and practicing or art or craft until we make those ideas take shape in the outer world.

I sometimes think of the muse as my Inner Child. The Muse does have that wonderful childlike way of looking at the world. It’s all new and exciting and interesting.  But there’s more to the Muse than that. I believe the Muse is also our higher self, our connection to the divine, to universal creativity, to the life force.

We can block it off, or we can listen, see, feel.  As a writer, I mostly hear. As a gardener and cook and sewist, I see and feel. I want to develop my artist’s eye as a photographer, to see more there too.

I think that’s what the morning pages are all about. Connecting with that part of ourselves, giving a conduit to that voice, getting in the habit of listening. Artist dates too. They let us open our eyes and ears and senses, to hear and see and feel again with that unjudging and adventurous mind.

I found a free online course in Finding Your Muse, with the delightful Alisa Burke. I’ve only started it, just played her introductory video, but it’s going to be good. I can’t help warm to her, watching her. She’s a natural on the camera, and a wonderfully creative artist. I love the way she plants the Muse firmly in our every day lives. She paints, draws, creates objects, very different from what I want to do, and her style is very different to mine, but the insight into her creative process is fascinating!

Our Muse can be found in any situation- positive or negative- in the light and in the dark- in beautiful places and also in the ordinary. Mining our emotions, our experiences and our daily lives for inspiration is what gives our creativity its flavor.

This is what makes our writing, our art, our other projects uniquely ours, not a pale imitation of someone else. This is what makes our creative work something only we can give to the world. It needs to be the product of our own lives, our own experiences. No matter what your life is, you’ve lived things and you know things and you feel things no-one else does.That’s what makes your work special.

Believe it. Let that shine through. And create.

Author: Autumn Macarthur

Autumn is an Australian writer of sweet inspirational home and family themed romance, who now lives in the UK just north of London with one very English husband, three seriously spoiled cats, and a sumo-sized guinea pig. As well as writing, she loves to thrift, sew (badly!), grow plants, make raw vegan food, and give thanks to God for all His blessings!

4 thoughts on “Monday Muse- finding and keeping inspiration

  1. Finding Your Muse is a fascinating website–thank you for doing a post on it–i’d never have found it otherwise. I especially liked the inspiration photos followed by the finished projects. I liked them so much I’m going to take my camera with me everytime I go outside. I’d love to join some sort of class where other people do this. Not sure what to look for. A mixed media class maybe?

    • It’s a lovely course, isn’t it? A mixed media course would be excellent. I want to explore a whole lot of other areas of creativity. LOL, like I need more distractions from writing! Looks like Alisa’s paid online workshops are down at the moment (and I’ve already spent my workshop budget anyway!), but she has some fabulous tutorials on her site. I especially love the idea of printing my own fabrics and making things from it, and I want to gte out my sketchbook and paints and play around too.

      I think it will all enhance my writing in the long run.

      What other creative things do you do?

  2. I used to illustrate and write stories for The Brownie Magazine. Then when that ended I carried on writing, but stopped the artwork completely. I’m constantly doodling all over the backs of envelopes or bits of scrap paper but that’s as far as it goes these days. That Finding Your Muse website is an inspiration. I found a local Mixed media class but it’s on a day I can’t attend and it costs loads. Maybe there’s something on-line I can join.

    • Oh, I wish I could draw! I got put off by comparing m,yself to a very talented sister, and one of those awful prescriptive teachers when I was about ten and colouring outisde the lines was NOT allowed!

      What a shame the course close to home is so expensive. Why not just get a sketchbook and start playing around? Thast’s what I plan to do. I reallt really really want to be able to do it without all the self-criticism!

      There’s so much free stuff on the internet too. Looking at tutorials and just trying stuff out is a good way to learn. I’m so glad I blogged that course link where you saw it!

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