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A room of my own for writing and creating- finished at last!

At last it’s done- my writing room is finished!

Well, almost! I still have a few things to do, like sewing a roll up blind for the window and a cushion for the chair. I need to sort through all my bags and boxes of crafting and sewing stuff and get them on the empty boxes, waiting on the shelves. But the main part of the work, all the building, is complete. I can put away my saw and my workbench and my hammer and my drill.  I can sit in there, close the door, and write.

I finished it yesterday, my birthday. A fabulous present for myself. I did nothing “exciting” and birthday-ish, didn’t even have a cake. But I finished the shed and that’s plenty exciting enough for me!

It feels wonderful! Even better, the satisfaction of doing it myself. It’s not perfect, by any means. But it’s my work. I created it. And that feels good.  It’s not quite how I planned, especially how long it’s taken and how much it’s cost, but the final result is waaaaaaay better than I thought it would be.
It was a lot cheaper than the other alternative, too, which was buy a vintage caravan to put on our parking bay. It would have to be vintage because nothing else fits on our tiny space or has the door on the right side, and they cost a bomb now. That wouldn’t have been nearly so practical either. I’m sure having the shed insulated and such a nice useful space adds more than I spent on it to the house value too.

But I don’t care about getting the money back.

The main thing is, I now have a perfect “room of my own.”  I can shut the door, put my earphones on, and write. Or I can sew. Or I can paint. I can make a mess, and no-one needs to see but me, and I don’t need to clear it away before dinner time!

I love all the white. I love the simplicity of it all. I love the huge desk. I love all the shelves.

The wall to the right of the desk is all wide white shelving, behind me if I face the window.  They weren’t there when I took the photo, but they come up to the edge of the green pinboard now. I worried I’d feel like they impinged on the desk space, but they don’t. They feel like they give me more desk space.

And I have loads of room on the shelves for my crafting and sewing stuff, all neatly packed in boxes so it doesn’t look cluttered and distracting, and labelled so I can actually find something when I want it.

I love that the little space feels so open, with the big window looking on to the garden. The whole shed is only the size of an ordinary double bed, but it feels far more spacious inside.

I want more than ever to build my own tiny house one day. Maybe when we’re living in Australia. For now, my shed is enough.

Now, time to write again. On the way home from work tonight, I started reading the rejected Christmas story, for the first time since I submitted it. Thank goodness, it needs work, for sure, but so far it’s not as bad as I feared it might be!

I uploaded it to my Kindle, as a rtf file. Amazing reading it like a “proper” e-book. I’ve never done that before. Such a different experience to reading on the computer screen. The things that need changing are jumping out at me. I know I can make this a far better story, and it’s clear how, too.

I’d strongly recommend trying it! I plan to edit with the document open on the computer to make changes, and my reading copy on the Kindle in front of me. I’ll report back on how it goes!

Anyone got any other favourite editing tips to share?

PS- The hot glue gun is NOT going to be on display on that shelf permanently! I left it there to cool down after making the fabric covered pinboard from a leftover sheet of the insulation board. Only just noticed it in the photo!


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